About nordIX

The nordIX AG was founded in 2009 and is a fixed income specialist that exclusively deals with bonds and derivatives. At the company's headquarter in Hamburg, the team not only manages several mutual and special funds and develops intelligent investment concepts, but also acts as an intermediary for direct investments on the bond market by advising and supporting institutional investors.

Based upon our extensive market knowledge, we are able to develope individual investment solutions in form of special fund mandates, alongside our mutual funds. nordIX is one of the few portfolio managers that uses credit derivatives - especially credit default swaps (CDS) – not only for hedging purposes, but also to optimize the return profile of the portfolios. This includes systematically exploiting the price differences between bonds and the associated CDS as a source of income. Alongside our defensive products, which are particularly suitable as strategic liquidity substitutes or for the treasury of banks and foundations, nordIX also manages mandates with higher expected returns. The team has extensive knowlegde in the area of subordinated bonds issued by European banks and insurance companies.

With its 20 employees, nordIX currently serves institutional investors in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and manages around half a billion euros in 6 different special assets.

Our values

Despite being a young corporation based in Hamburg, we feel bound to the traditions and values of the Hanseatic merchant community. Thus we strive to combine reliability and understatement with cosmopolitanism and entrepreneurial spirit in our daily activities. Sustainability and consistency are important for everything we do. To achieve and implement our goals, creativity and imagination are required. We continuously learn from our experiences and hope to growth through regular self-reflection so we can improve our services for clients and business partners. As an asset and fund manager, it is our aim to distinguish ourselves within a market that is made up of many large and established providers. Above all, we hope to achieve this through innovation and creativeness, but also through transparency and fairness.

nordIX AG: Fixed Income & Derivatives

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