The Scandinavian countries offer on average higher interest rates than the rest of Europe

Sweden, with Stockholm as its capital, is a fascinating country that impresses both scenically and economically. With a population of around 10.3 million people, the country offers a high quality of life and a stable economy. The head of government, Magdalena Andersson, leads the country with stable political leadership.

Sweden has a strong economic performance, which is also reflected in figures such as the GDP per person of 53,000 US dollars. The country has a high credit rating of AAA from S&P, underlining its financial stability and reliability. In addition, Sweden also has an impressive MSCI ESG rating of AA, indicating a strong sustainability and environmental performance.

The Swedes (eurozone) also benefit from a relatively high average net monthly income of 2,900 euros (2.2k euros) for singles. This reflects the country's generally high wage levels and prosperity dynamics. At the same time, it is important to note that per person debt is comparatively low at EUR 19,026 (EUR 29k), which is partly due to the country's high net income and economic structure.

Overall, Sweden is a country with a stable economy, a rich culture and an impressive natural environment. Swedes can be proud of their high quality of life and successful economy, while at the same time striving to incorporate sustainability and environmental protection into their decisions and actions.

New player offers attractive P2P loans from Sweden, Finland and Denmark

  • Founded in 2004

  • Head office in Stockholm (Sweden)

Dealing with payment delays

  • In-house receivables management for initial steps in the event of late payment

  • Works with standardized reminder management

  • After default, complete sale of receivables:

    • Sale of receivables to Billecta after 90 days of payment delay

    • Selling price of the overdue loans is 80% of the receivable amount

    • Billecta is an invoicing platform that also belongs to the SaveLend Group


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Consumer credits in Sweden

Sweden is one of the European countries with a high volume of outstanding consumer loans. The attractive interest rate level in Sweden is primarily based on the low competition. This is also reflected in the interest rate level of the P2P platform Savelend. Newly granted consumer loans have an interest rate of 15.7 percent. Compared to Germany, the range of loans on offer is significantly lower in Scandinavian countries. The swift and digitalized process for loan defaults is remarkable. In Sweden it is possible to obtain a wage garnishment against the borrower after just two months.

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Consumer credits: uncorrelated and high-yielding

Regulation of Savelend and consumer credits in Sweden

The granting or brokering of loans to consumers in Sweden requires a license from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (the "SFSA") under the Act on Certain Consumer Credit Businesses. Consequently, SaveLend's peer-to-peer consumer credit intermediation business is highly regulated and SaveLend has been licensed as a consumer credit institution by the SFSA since 2016.

SaveLend's strength lies in its access to extensive consumer data in Sweden, including income, expenditure and debt. This enables us to develop powerful credit scoring models for predicting payment defaults and repayment ability. The company has a comprehensive overview of consumer credit data, combined with PSD2 payment recognition, which enables efficient automation while managing risk.

In the event of a credit default, SaveLend has its own internal debt collection company (Sw. inkassobolag), which is licensed and monitored by the Swedish Data Protection Agency. Debt collection activities are regulated by the Swedish Debt Collection Act. If a collection action is unsuccessful (i.e. if the debtor has received a final demand for payment but does not pay voluntarily), a creditor can either apply to the Swedish enforcement authority (Sw. Kronofogden) for a "payment order" (summary proceedings) or take legal action in the general courts. SaveLend will initiate all such collection measures on behalf of the investor on the investment platform in the event of a loan default.

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