Fixed Income

Our brokerage team has many years of experience in institutional fixed income trading, asset management and international brokerage. Our main focus are brokerage services, particularly bonds from financial institutions and illiquid fixed income instruments. We cover the full spectrum of fixed income instruments (secured, unsecured, senior & junior, as well as subordinated Tier I & Tier II capital) and offer comprehensive advice on the relative value of individual securities. Our business deals with all forms of bonds and notes in almost all major currencies.

Our clients range from institutional investors in Germany and abroad, to merchand and investment banks, insurance companies, as well as international asset managers and family offices. With our strong international network of clients and business partners, we often have a business relationship that has grown over decades.

All brokerage transactions are settles in an easy and cost-efficient manner using existing cooperations with various banks. Our team brings together decades of experience, high motivation and great discretion.

nordIX AG: Fixed Income & Derivatives

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