E-bikes and wallboxes via webshop financing

The Netherlands, with Amsterdam as its capital, is a fascinating country with a rich history and diverse culture. With a population of around 17.6 million people, it offers a vibrant society and a thriving economy. 

The country has a strong economic performance, which is reflected in an impressive GDP per capita of 62,685 US dollars. This underlines the economic potency and prosperity of the Dutch population. Financial stability is highlighted by a high credit rating of AAA from S&P, underlining confidence in the country's financial position. The ESG rating of A also indicates that the Netherlands is striving to maintain a sustainable and environmentally friendly performance.

Another interesting aspect of the Netherlands is the average monthly income of 3,000 euros. This shows the generally high wage level and the prosperity dynamics in this country. Although the debt per capita is comparatively moderate at 19,219 US dollars, this indicates a solid economic structure that supports the country's financial health.

In addition to the economic aspects, the Netherlands is also known for its impressive tulips, which have become the country's symbols and attract tourists from all over the world every year. The Netherlands is proud of its thriving flower industry and the colorful tulip fields that have become one of the country's main attractions.

The P2P platform from the Netherlands

  • Founded in 2016
  • Offers financing for webshop purchases
  • Scoring model for the classification of borrowers
  • Unsecured personal loans
  • Regulated by the Dutch Financial Supervisory Authority
  • Own securitization unit for refinancing


Dealing with late payments

  • Payment reminder through the platform
  • Debtors can restructure their debts through voluntary debt restructuring or WSNP (Debt Restructuring Natural Person Act). This leads to the forfeiture of unpaid amounts at the end of the process (usually 3 years).

1. The purchase

The de Vries family recently bought an electric car. Now they want to buy a wallbox so that they can charge their new car conveniently at home.

2. The financing

The webshop offers to finance the wallbox over 48 months. The de Vries family would like to accept this offer and take out an installment plan via SprayPay.

3. The repayment

SprayPay pays for the item and the family pays back the amount in monthly installments. The payments are completed when there is no outstanding amount left.

Portfolio in the Netherlands


interest rates for newly issued loans (static across all risk classes)


average loan amount


years average remaining term


average failure rate


annualized yield

Regulation of SprayPay and consumer credit in the Netherlands

SprayPay is a point-of-sale platform for consumer credit in the Netherlands. This market is regulated by the "Autoriteit Financiele Markten" and is subject to the same regulatory standards as traditional consumer loans from banks. All consumer credit in the Netherlands is registered in a central database for official lenders (BKR) to prevent excessive use of credit by customers and to avoid risks for lenders. If the consumer is more than 60 days in arrears with his payments, the lenders register a payment arrears in the central database (BKR). If a consumer is in arrears, lenders are not allowed to grant new consumer loans or mortgages to this consumer. If the consumer is in arrears, they can go to court and be paid directly by the consumer's employer. The highly regulated consumer credit landscape in the Netherlands creates a stable market.

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