Funds for consumer loans classified as sustainable

The alternative investment fund nordIX European Consumer Credit Fonds of nordIX AG fulfills the sustainability requirements according to Article 8 of the EU Disclosure Regulation. The fund specializes in European consumer credit.

What the rating means for investors

An Article 8 fund is a fund that is classified as a "product with environmental or social characteristics". This means that it pursues specific sustainability objectives and invests in companies that meet certain social or environmental criteria.

Our investors can rest assured that nordIX takes specific sustainability targets into account as part of its portfolio and risk management. For example, the selection process for the nordIX European Consumer Credit Fund consistently excludes credit platforms that finance usurious interest rates, weapons, alcohol, drugs or tobacco. In addition, the fund management ensures that the platforms comply with the debt collection standards analogous to the standards of the German Federal Association for Debt Collection and Receivables Management.  Credit platforms that focus on financing sustainable projects are given preference in the selection process.

Environmental. Social. Conscious.

In addition to meeting sustainability requirements, our nordIX European Consumer Credit fund also takes ESG criteria into account.

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance and refers to the integration of environmental, social and governance criteria into the investment decisions of funds. More and more investors are recognizing the importance of these factors and are looking for investment opportunities that offer both financial returns and a positive impact on environmental and social standards.

For nordIX, ESG integration is an element of portfolio optimization. In addition to the borrowers' key figures, the fund management of the nordIX European Consumer Credit Fund systematically incorporates sustainability aspects into the investment process with the aim of improving the fund's risk/return profile.

Company-wide ESG approach

Sustainability plays an important role in the investment process at nordIX AG. For more than ten years now, we have been consistently and continuously developing our ESG approach in line with the increasing sustainability requirements of investors and regulators. With this understanding, nordIX joined the "United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment - UNPRI" initiative in cooperation with the UN in 2017 and became a "signatory".

Claus Tumbrägel, CEO nordIX AG

Example of a potential investment

1. The purchase

The Schulze family would like to become more sustainable. To this end, they plan to purchase an e-bike so that they can leave their car at home more often.

2. Financing

The e-bike is to be financed over a short period of 60 months. Previously, only banks and savings banks were allowed to grant traditional consumer loans. This sector was inaccessible to investors.

3. The investment

The FinTech revolution is now enabling access to this asset class for the first time. In addition to banks and savings banks, anyone can now grant loans to private individuals via peer-to-peer platforms.

4. The fund

The nordIX European Consumer Credit Fund offers you the opportunity to generate continuous income with low volatility by acquiring European consumer loans. The investments take into account a sustainability approach and, based on a professional analysis, you gain access to an asset class that was previously reserved for banks.

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