nordIX Treasury plus

The nordIX Treasury plus was initially established with the idea of connecting the essential components of modern treasury management. The result is a discretionally managed mutual fund with a moderate risk/return profile.

Within the strategy, for each issuer the entire range of investment opportunities is analyzed. In case of a difference concerning the expected return after taking the hedging-fees into consideration, we invest in the respective most favourable instrument (e.g. in a FX-bond or a credit derivate). By pursuing this strategy, market anomalies can be used to improve the return. Likewise, by investing simultaneously in offsetting CDS, interest rate futures or interest rate swaps, differences in return between various maturities can be used to generate additional return.

The selection of issuers is based on internal solvency analysis and forecasts, which also take ESG-factors into consideration. Currency risks are hedged and the fund’s duration is within a narrow range of minus 0.5 to plus 0.5 years. Investments in the fund can be made at any bank in Germany, the fund’s ISIN is: DE000A2DKRH6

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